Thursday, September 1, 2011

Last night...

Well, as much as I enjoyed riding Slugorelli to work, I couldn't stand the thought of having to walk her up Arguello and then ride her all the way home. So, I decided to walk instead. How long could it take? It's just a short 5.9 mile hop, skip and a long walk to the house.

The pic below was early into the walk. I was feeling pretty stinkin good! Okay, I'll admit about a half-mile before that, I tried calling Seester to come pick me up. Lucky for me, she didn't answer. She did email me to tell me she was leaving work, but I told her I wanted to walk, damn it!

Sorry, you have to turn your head to see the pic; I can't figure the rotation thing out.

Most of my walk took me through Golden Gate Park. Check out the weird tree...

By this time, I'm feeling weak and shaky like I should have ate more than a salad for lunch. I'm wishing I had some Smart Water. Oh, and speaking of water, I've had to make water pretty much since I left the office.

Say, it's a man-made babbling brook...

Here's the gross dirty foam from the babbling brook...

Have I mentioned I need to go wee-wee?

Really cool foliage...

By now, I have developed a hot spot on my foot. I pulled over to tighten my laces. This tends to happen to me because I have narrow feet so they tend to move around in most shoes. I emailed First-Aid-Poppy and told her about the hot spot. She suggests I stay there and wait for her rescue. I don't want to do that because a) I'm stubborn; and b) I really, really have to tinkle something awful so need to keep moving. Listening to the babbling brook for the last half-hour hasn't helped, either!

Look! One of the buffalo that is still among the living...

Although, he didn't really move so I'm wondering if he's animatronic.

Okay, I'm about to leave the park and continue on the last leg of my journey. The park let's out at Irving (well, really Lincoln but that's not part of the whole alphabetic street thing) so going alphabetically, I need to get home to Rivera Street. If my Terra Nova math proves correct, that could be about 9 blocks...Irving, Judah, Kirkham, Lawton, Moraga, Noriega, Ortega, I have to go peepee-Pacheco, Quintara and Rivera! Oh, wait, that seems like 10. Whatever.

Well, now my hot spot has morphed into a full-on blister. I've emailed Unsympathetic-Poppy that I think it popped. She said she didn't want to hear me complain about it cause she could have fetched me earlier. I wasn't complaining, I was just checking in.

I hobbled a few more blocks and I think I'm going to start crying. I'm about ready to flag someone down and pay them to drive me the rest of the way home or better yet, call me an ambulance. Do ambulances carry wee-wee catheter supplies? I walk by a mail-lady who is leaning on one of those green mailboxes. She looks at me, sighs and says "I don't know how much more of this I can do!" I replied, trying not to wet myself "Amen to that, sister!"

FINALLY, I made it home. I took a pic of my blistered foot, but since I'm entering the Autumn of my life, my foot is starting to look like an old lady foot and I just couldn't share that with you. I think I'll get one of those gross PediEgg things.

Soon, my feet will look just like hers!

Oh, and you'll recall the 10,000 steps per day goal? I walked 16,997 steps yesterday! I'm still hobbling today, but it was so worth it.

Bye bye.

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