Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Got Dad?

I do. Bro-N-Law-Caretaker-Darryll left on Monday to go hang out with his Uncle John up in Crescent City. Uncle John is a master surfer and BNLCTKR-Darryll's inspiration to learn how to surf. Anyway, Seester and I are sharing taking care of Dad.

Seester took Dad bowling on Monday and for a drive down the coast on Tuesday. Unfortunately, Dad's time with me won't be all that stimulating. Grill-Master-Poppy has a BBQ event at work today so she has the truck. Tomorrow, I'll be taking Dad to the DMV to get a California I.D. Note, I said I.D., not driver's license. No appointment either. That's gonna be fun!

Anyway, took Dad bowling last night. He discovered that if he threw the ball halfway down the alley, he did better. I was afraid we were going to get kicked out of the joint.

Here's the new bowling style. I call it the Paw-Paw-Pant-Roll:

It would seem that our Indigenous-People's Summer is here! Freakin heatwave...What a great day to make some chili!

It's like a sauna in the kitchen!

Well, guess that all I've got. Bye bye!

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