Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Well, since I've not cooked anything...

Here's a little something from my guest home-chef-FMM-Laurie:

This is FMM-Laurie's Apple Crisp w/Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. She made this with apples and lemons from her yard. She made this for her son, Mateo's 30th B-day.

Hey, let's take a walk down memory would be easier for me if I could remember...

Seester dug up some pics and brought them to work. Little blurry, but fun. Here's our Grandma Pearl:

Quite the looker!

Speaking of looker:

Doncha just love the 80's? Nice perm, acid-wash jeans and what are now called "Classic" Reebok tennies.

Going back a little further:

Yep, that's Seester, me and some boozy-smelling-Santa-guy. I'm pretty sure Mom cut my bangs...

Enjoy your humpy day!

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