Friday, September 16, 2011

Let's go bowling!!!

I'm sure I've mentioned that Dad-Weber loves to go bowling. I thought it would be a fabulous idea when Seester and Bro-N-Law-Darryll have their date night, that I take Dad-The-Strike-King bowling. After he'd been a few times, he decided he wanted to get a ball and shoes. Why? Because he's got hands the size of giant and can never find a rent-a-ball to fit his sausage fingers. Seriously, his hand practically covers all of Jax.

Last Friday, Seester and BNL-Darryll took Dad-I'm-Gonna-Bowl-A-300 to pick up his new bowling ball.

Behold, The Frenzy!

Hmmm, looks oddly similar to the Missile Pop!

Doesn't taste the same though...

Okay, so last night was our long awaited bowling date. Not only that, but FMM-Laurie was meeting us at the bowling alley and after we all bowl a 300 there would be dinner waiting for us at Taco, Taco, Taco, Tacooo Bell!

Dad: Is Laurie going bowling with us?
Me: Yep.
Happy Dad: I like Laurie.

I get to Seester's and Been-Waiting-All-Day-Dad is raring to go. He's been waiting all day because he thought I was coming in the morning to get him so he got up early and took a shower and waited for me. Not sure why he thought that. While on the way to Seabowl...

Me: So Dad, whatcha been up too?
Negatory Dad: Nothing; I just sit around. I can't drive. I'm a waste.
Me: Oh...Didn't you go bowling on Sunday?
Dad: Oh, yeah!

I swear, he makes it sound like he never does anything, yet Seester and BNL-Darryll do all kinds of stuff with him, he just doesn't remember.

Now he proceeds to tell me his bowling strategy, which I'm pretty sure was planted by Seester...He figures looking at the pins is bad and so he should concentrate on lining up on the marks and that way he'll get a strike every time! I tell him that it may be a little more complicated than that and there are many other factors that go into getting strikes. I told him that if everyone got strikes all the time, there would be no challenge and the game probably wouldn't exist. Hmmm...

We get about halfway to the bowling alley and I hear my phone ringing. It's FMM-Laurie. I illegally answered my phone; FMM-Laurie tells me that she's at the bowling alley and it's a league night so there are no lanes available. ACK!!!

She suggests I call Serra Bowl, which is closer to Dad's house, but she won't join us there; or we can skip it and go directly to Taco, Taco, Taco, Taco, Tacooo Bell. Turns out, the winter league just started and there's not a lane to be found until after 9:00pm. Aw, crap, now what am I gonna do?!

We go have dinner and now I'm scrambling trying to think of something else to do with Disappointed-Dad. He's already complained to FMM-Laure that he doesn't do anything but sit around. Yeah, like that's not getting old! I don't want to bring him home early; it's date night but Seester is having Friend-Barbara over for dinner. Oh man, now we've finished our #8 Crunchy Tacos and #3 Crunchy Taco Supremes. FMM-Laurie strayed from the meal-deals but I'm afraid her Chalupa was not as good as she'd hoped.

P.S., my three crunchy taco supremes were only 15 grams of carbs each...according to my Terra Nova Math, that could be like 40 something grams of carbs. I only had 18 grams for the day so that's a lot's under the range of 50-100 grams per day. Cool!

I so could have eaten way more than three of these!

Anyway, barely an hour has passed since I picked Dadums up...

Me: Dad, is there anything you need to get from the store?
Dad: No, I hate shopping.
Me: Oh, okay.

Figure I'll take the long way back to his house, driving as slow as I can. We show up and walk in the door. I see Seester look at the clock as I'm mouthing "I'm sorry" to her.

We had a nice visit with Babara and I told Dad I'd take him bowling on Sunday...God will'n and the creeks don't rise!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. oh Dexter McLovin looks so comfortable,, thank you kellmaster... i know i should not be worried, but.. i love my co-pilot,beachdog..