Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I'm baaaaaccccckkkkk!

Been fighting some sort of bug since Saturday.

Not much has been going on. Made some Guinness Irish Stew on Sunday and it was NOM!!

I made this as low-carb as I could. I didn't put the potatoes in the stew; I boiled them on the side with some of the stew broth. Since we eat a wee more carbs on the weekends, I only made enough potatoes to go with Sunday's dinner. Odd though, cause there are still potatoes showing up in the stew. I also used Arrow Root to thicken the stew. Doesn't work as good at flour, but it helped.

While I was busy being sick, I took some pics of Meeko-The-Old-Cat. She's just about 18 now and seems to be going strong...

Nice kitty:

Scary kitty:

Actually, she was yawning and because she's missing a fang her mouth sometimes gets a little stuck.

So that's all I got for you.

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