Friday, September 9, 2011


Boy-howdy, it's been a busy week!

Some months ago I gave Netty-Mae some Padron Pepper starts. These were planted from seeds leftover from a previous planting. Since Netty-Mae moved to San Rafael, where the sun shines, we figured she'd have some luck with the peppers. I simultaneously planted my starts, plus Boss-Karen bought me a Padron Pepper plant from the farmers market.

Are you wondering about Padron Peppers? Well, Caliente-Poppy and I found them when we were in Espanà. They come from the Basque region of Espanà. They are simply fried in olive oil then right before they're done, sprinkled w/Malden salt. You know, I think I've blogged about these before. Netty-Mae cooks them the A16 Restaurant way...fried in the olive oil along with a wee bit of anchovy and a touch of crushed red pepper.

Anyway, Netty-Mae's plants have been going gangbusters. Mine are pretty much the same size as when I planted them. BK's plant did grow some and even has some flowers that shriveled up and died. So much for growing Padrons in the Outer Sunset.

When I got to work today, Netty-Mae was doing her tour at the front desk. She told me that there was something special for me upstairs at her real desk...

You can't have Padron's without the Cava! Fridays are good!

Trip-The-Light-Fantastic-Poppy and I went dancing last night. After a very rough start, I seemed to settle into a nice rhythm...I think. Don't get me wrong, I still have my training wheels on (slow.....slow, quick..quick, slow.....slow), so I can't completely keep up with Gotta-Dance-Poppy. Like a drug addict, she has to seek out others who can fulfill her cravings for the dance. Plus, the faster I dance, the dizzier I get. Spot-On-Poppy said she's not shown me how to "spot" yet. I think that's a pretty important step that will keep me from falling on the floor.

See, here's the thing, we Dallmanns can't stand making public spectacles of ourselves. We don't like standing alone at a dance, nor do we like to go into bars by ourselves, eat by ourselves or go to movies by ourselves. While dancing is a learning thing and you're supposed to make mistakes, that's just not the way we work. We like to do everything perfect, right of the bat.

Anyway, we'll be heading to Treasure Island tomorrow night for more dancing. Hope I don't go boom boom.

Have a great weekend!

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