Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedgie my Wedgie...

Today marks week three without my Wedgie! To recap...BFF-Oven-Guy was tasked by InFidelity Home Warranty Company to send Wedgie's safety valve to A1 Stove Hospital in Inglewood to be refurbished. It was to be a two-day turn around. I started calling InFidelity at the two week mark. They have been checking status ever since. The only answer I seem to get from Rod in Purchasing is that he can't seem to get a hold of A1 or get a return call.

So yesterday afternoon I called InFidelity yet again only this time I had to go all Brooklyn on them. Of course, I did explain to the nice lady that I knew this wasn't her fault, but her company needs to make this right. She sent my message to Rod in Purchasing and I've not heard a peep since.

After I hung up with her I had a scathingly brilliant idea; why don't I call A1 Stove Hospital myself. So I did. My new BFF-A1-Guy answered the phone after just one ring. Hmmm. We talked and I find out that he's actually mailed the valve back to Used-To-Be-BFF-Oven-Guy on January 26. I asked what mode of transport he mailed it and he said he sends all things regular mail. That would esplain why we don't have it yet.

I just can't figure out why Infidelity Home Warranty Company is lying to me about not reaching A1 Stove Hospital.

Long story longer...I just emailed this picture to BFF-A1-Guy.

I know, how did that sponge get under there? Got me, but I'll be cleaning under there this weekend!

Back to the story...BFF-A1-Oven-Guy said he was working on my valve right now. I confirmed that he mailed one out on January 26 to Used-To-Be-BFF-Oven-Guy. He said no, that he'd mailed the wrong one to him but he'd found mine last night.

I have no BFF-Oven-Guys anymore and InFidelity Home Warranty Company sucks!


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