Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Business Casual...

So back when I worked "almost downtown" at the law firm, we dressed business casual. Khakis, collared shirt and usually a loafer. Well, Boss-Karen dropped the dress-code bomb on me this morning.

It was all very sweet, bless Boss-Karen's heart...since I'm going to move out to the Executive Office, I need to revamp my wardrobe just a wee bit. After all, our Executive Director has some pretty big-wiggy people coming through the office. I asked BK what that looked like. She hemmed and hawed...said she'd been thinking about it. I could tell she was having a bit of trouble finding the words. I pointed at my shoes...

and said "Do I get to wear these, for example?" She hemmed and hawed again and said "Well, maybe something a little less industrial." Ding, ding, ding! I replied "You're looking for business casual?" She said "YES!" Then she gave me an example of someone in the office who she felt was very put together in a business casual way. Oddly enough, this is a gal that I've been mistaken for in the past (it's the hair) and she happens to be a Lisbion too and wears sensible-classic-lisbion attire. Your basic shirt and blazer. I also told BK that I'd spent the last month getting my Archie-Hikers. How can I not wear them?? I think I'll have to smuggle them in for a wearing one day a week.

So, I told BK that come Monday, I'd be a new woman. Then I had to break the news to Depression-Era-Poppy cause I'm going to need a couple of pairs of SHOES GLORIOUS SHOES since most of my shoes are "industrial" looking. I've picked out 4 pairs and she's currently looking on the Internet to find them cheaper. Why? That's right, because she is Depression-Era-Poppy.

Also, those shoes I'm wearing today are my original motorcycle boots. They are women's Red Wings and I love them, even if they are industrial looking!

How about an episode of KECKY'S KURB ART? I call this one "SCENT". Not sure why.


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