Sunday, February 6, 2011

Wedgie Lives...

Got a call Friday night from BFF-Oven-Guy who said he'd be at Kasa Kecky between 11:00-1:00 on Saturday to install Wedgie's refurbished safety valve. BFF showed up right about 11:00. He installed the valve and said he hoped it worked. He said they should have checked it before sending it, but you never know.

BFF-Oven-Guy fired up the twenty pilot lights, checked for leaks and was on his way. After he left, I kicked the temp up to 450. About 5 minutes in, I hear a "CLICK" which would be the sound of the newly-refurbished safety valve shutting off. Oh, there's that sinking feeling again...

I reset the valve and turned the oven back on. It came to temp in about 10 minutes and stayed there for about a half-hour. So for now, all is good. I'll be making some bread a little later and that will be the true test. No, we're not going to eat the bread, I just feel like making it.

Say, how about some Kecky Kurb Art?

I call this Tunnel:

This I call Bridge:

Cactus-Poppy and I were in San Rafael yesterday checking out Netty-Mae and Beff's new digs. Very cool! They also have a yard full of succulents and we were allowed to take our pick.

Time to prep the yard for the cacti. Here's how it went...

Now all we need to do is get some native grasses, rock and a little fence.

Time to watch the Uberbowl!


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