Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Buggin Out...

Today is packing day for our move tomorrow. I'm actually all packed up...well, mostly unpacked too. Mollie and I were able to swap stuff in our filing cabinets.

Here's her almost old and my new spot:

My new furniture was delivered by Kosman. They're our office supply folks. They even assembled my furniture for me, except for the two little filing cabinets. I've spent most of the day putting those little bastards together!

Here's one of them. Notice how that bottom drawer isn't closed? That's because it won't, no matter how many times I've kicked it! Who invented those stoopid drawer pull-out things? Probably someone who has been highly educated and made them twenty times more complicated than they have to be! I finally gave up and will wait for one of the mover folk coming tomorrow to fix it. I hope he's got a Masters Degree!

Here's my desk and the little side table that you can hardly see:

They are currently sitting in our mini-law library. I had them in the Executive Office, per his assistant but then our ED said the office looked like a garage sale so I had to move it all.

I'm beginning to wonder if he's really happy about this move. I'm also getting the feeling he thinks I'm a piggy of some sort. He doesn't like my kitschy-junk, he doesn't like my clothes and he doesn't like my furniture (which was approved by his assistant, by the way). I'm starting to get my little feelings hurt.

I know, I'll go buy a pair of shoes; that'll make me feel better!!


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