Friday, February 4, 2011

A Day In The Life Of Dad...

Today was a good day for Dad! Started out early to have his hearing aid evaluation and pick out hearing aids. Then to see the doctor to get the medical waiver so he could be approved to have the hearing aids.

The evaluation took an hour and a half. Who knew hearing aids were so involved? Not me. He really will have a bionic ear! This is very cool, the hearing aid is actually a computer chip that will be programmed in Dr. Cleavage's office. She's going to add a couple of features where Dad can hit the button and not hear car/freeway noise. Another click and the background noise in a restaurant is somewhat muted. The kicker is it'll be a series of beeps for the programs to go between each other. His main program is 1 beep, car noise is 2 beeps and the restaurant mute, yep, 3 beeps. Figure that could be a tough thing to remember, but Seester will keep reinforcing it.

Another really cool thing is that they come designer colors. Dad really didn't care what color, but I did and so did Dr. Cleavage. We chose "Chrome Beige".

That's the actual model sitting on the color swatch to the left. Not the ugly flesh colored one; it's the other high-tech looking one.

After all that settled it was time to take the impression of his ear. This is all custom stuff so there's no way this one will fly across the room when he chews.

Yes, that's Dr. Cleavage. She said she didn't mind if I took the picture as long as she wasn't in it. Oops, I'd hit the button before she said that.

Now it's time to go down a few floors to the ENT-Old-Guy-Doctor. Here's where things got a little weird. The Old-Guy-Doc comes in and introduces himself. Goes to the computer, which you know he's really not savvy with and starts fiddling with the keyboard. Took a forever. Then he says "So your ears are giving you trouble?" Dad looks at him like he's nuts and says "No, not really." Argh! Then Stuck-In-The-50's-Doc says "Do you have trouble hearing your wife?" I about fell off my chair. It was like Turrets...I say "No, he can't hear her, she's dead!" HAHAHAHA! Dad says to me "It wasn't that funny." I say "Well, I thought it was."

I'm so stoopid...I email Seester what just happened. I can't figure out why she's emailing me back calling me "Mrs. Dallmann". Then it dawns on me!...Gross-Perv-Doc thinks I'm Dad's wife!!! I needed a shower after that.

After we leave and are heading towards the elevator, I esplain to Dad about how Icky-Doctor-Old-Fart thought I was his wife. Dad goes "What the hell? That's sick!"

After that, it was time to get Dad some lunch. Asked what he wanted. He didn't really care...but settled on Burger King. Wonder why he has high cholesterol? Hmmm, what to get at BK that's low-carb? I know:

A Whopper with no ketchup and no bun. Wasn't horrible, but wasn't really meat I don't think.

So that was our fun-filled day. Oh, the best part about these bionic ears is that they have to be fine tuned every two weeks for like six weeks. But that's cool cause Dad likes the outings.

Have a super weekend!

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