Thursday, February 24, 2011

Have I mentioned I'm grateful I have a job?

Well, I am. Laurie and I are the new mail people at work. That's right and here is the code we'll live by:

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds."

AWESOME! I think I'll make it my new tattoo!

Anyhow, Laurie and I are sharing that job. Laurie gets to do a lot more fun stuff too! So, in the last few days, we've learned how to work the postage machine and how to go to the backdoor of the post office and get all of the Trust's mail. My new friend, Willie-The-Postal-Worker showed us how to take the certified labels off the mail basket and put them in the correct cubby. Don't even think about putting it in the wrong cubby either!

I sat at the front desk and answered the phones yesterday for a while. Then a co-worker came up and wanted to check out a government vehicle...only I'd not been trained on that one. Lucky for me, I'm resourceful and figured it out!

Also learned how to open and close up the office. Not an easy task for a dyslexic and let me tell you why...The lock on the front door is backward so they marked it with "off" and "on". Turn the key one way to lock it; not sure if that means the "on" or "off" position; ditto to unlock it. I'm thinking of changing it to "L" for lock and "U" for unlock. I know, you're dazzled by my common sense. Bet someone with a masters couldn't come up with that one, in fact, I bet someone with a masters is the one that wrote the "on" and "off" on the lock!

Oh, I also get to walk around the first floor of the office at night to make sure the windows are closed so raper-man doesn't' get in.

Okay, off to work!

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