Saturday, February 19, 2011


Well, yesterday was one of the crappiest work days I've ever had. We had layoffs. Co-Worker-Friend-Family-Member-Laurie and my work life will be changing to accommodate two of these layoffs. I am very sad but remain thankful I still have a job.

Look what Aunt Kathy brought me from MomJean:

It's a German bread basket called a Brotform. I'm sure this will bring my bread making to a new level.

Let's check in with A Day In The Life Of Dad! Before the day turned to crap yesterday, I took Hard-Of-Hearing-Dad to get his hearing aids. He's a new man and said he could kick himself for not doing this years ago.

This technology is amazing...he truly is Steve Austin, the Bionic Man!

The other day, I went rock hunting for our garden. Pretty...

My new obsession:

I have no idea where this is gonna go, but Fatass has big dreams of getting out on the ocean come springtime after she's dropped a few more lbs!

Hard to see it, but we woke up to snow on the Marin Headlands!!

Depression-Era-Poppy took this picture. It's like everything she touches ends up with a sepia tone. Weird.


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