Sunday, February 13, 2011

Busy Weekend...

It's also a Dad weekend. This weekend was the big deck project weekend. Depression-Era-Poppy wanted to line the underside of the deck with galvanized metal sheets. This would make it so when it rains, the water from the deck will run off the edge of the deck and keep the underside of the deck dry. That way, we can put some stuff we don't want to get wet, like fire wood, grills and in time a small deep freeze under there. Not just that, but the galvanized metal sheets reminds Daddy-Pappy of her Grandfather's implement shed.

Here's the progress so far:

And the finished project:

Here's the most interesting thing about it; when they started on Saturday, Motion-Sickness-Poppy started feeling a little queasy (well more than a little queasy). This lasted all day. Yesterday, same thing, only Dramamine-Dad started feeling the same way. I figured it was from looking up constantly and the reflection of the corrugated metal had some sort of wavy movement. They both felt better once the project was done, but we all went to bed around 8:30. Weird!

Dad took a little break:

I planted a garden in the backyard:

We'll have arugula, lime thyme, thyme, sage, mint, kale and a cabbage. Meant to get two kale, but the cabbage looks just like kale. I like cabbage.

I added more succulents and grasses to the front yard too:

I know, unless you're me, you probably can't tell the difference from the pics last weekend.

Put in a new toilet seat, finally!

Handy-Person-Poppy put in a paper towel dispenser and a hand lotion dispenser. How cool are these?

I also oiled all the butcher block in the kitchen.

Made some bread too; here's the little blob bench resting:

This was my best effort yet! Of course, Food-Critic-Poppy said "Can I say something?" I said, "Not if it's bad." Do you think that would stop her? Nope, she said "It's a little rubbery." I said "But it tastes good, Goddamn-It!" Gave some to my Other-Food-Critic-Dad. He said "I hate it; I can't get the taste out of my mouth!" So I gave him a turnip and that made it all better.

Say, how about some Kecky's Kurb Art?

I call this Raggedy-I-Don't-Know-What:

Happy Valentines Day!

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