Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I'm Baaaaack...

Been in Sacramento since Sunday visiting Very-Longtime-Friend-Jeannie. Of course, we had a great visit, but it was all about the food. I did Taco Night on Sunday and then Steak Roll on Monday. Here's what it looked like before it was cooked:

So basically, what I did was take about a 2lb flank steak and butterflied it. Then sprinkled some of Crin's Mediterranean Seasoning on it. Put a layer of fresh spinach on it, then a layer of roasted red peppers and lastly a layer of feta cheese. In this case it was Bulgarian Feta and it was creamy-good! Then I rolled it and tied it off. Browned it in a cast iron skillet and then threw it on the grill. So freakin NOM!!!

VLTF-Jeannie set me up in their spare room. She swears she didn't do this on purpose, but I beg to differ!

I couldn't sleep a wink knowing those minkies were going to come alive and scratch my eyeballs out! Not to mention it was 100 degrees up there!!!

Tuesday night was so fun...VLTF-Jeannie and Tom-Look-At-Your-Hands took me to Fuji Sushi. All you can eat sushi buffet for like $15! I know what you're thinking you foodie snobs, but it was basic and it was NOM!!! They had the little boats in the water and you could ask for whatever you wanted. I got a whole lot of sake nigiri, ika and amaebi. I also had a medium sashimi combo plate. It was fresh and good...and really all you could eat! They also had an array of rolls, but I likes the nigiri and the sashimi.

Okay, so it was time for me to come home...I was looking forward to getting back to my climate and was not disappointed!!

I've heard a bit from Driving-Miss-Poppy and MomJean...but not since Monday. I figure they're probably getting ready to head on back to London within the next few days. Guess I'll find out when they get some Internet.

Okay, time to fire up the grill for fajitas!

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