Friday, July 15, 2011

Sheeeeeee's Baaaaaack!

Check out Union-Jack-Poppy!

Computer-Poppy is very happy to be let's talk about what we ate!

As you recall, all Beef-n-Grape-Deprived-Poppy wanted when she got home was "wine and steak". So that's what we did...

Here are my veggies marinading in olive oil, sherry vinegar, Kecky's Southwest Seasoning and a touch of Kecky's Steak Shake.

For the steaks, I dusted them with Kecky's Steak Shake...oh, last weekend, Pal-Crin was over and made a garlic-herb butter so we put that on the steaks while they were resting:

Let's eat!

There were lots of yum yum noises during dinner.

Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer is a fair weather kind of dog. It was too cold for her out by the grill, so she spent some quality time with Meeko.

Time for breakfast!

This is my play on prosciutto and melon. Talk about a darn tasty-treat sensation!

It's Sopressata and watermelon. NOMMY!

Well, it's about time to get Computer-Obsessed-Poppy out of the house. She swears she needs to get all of the trip exposes figured out or the world will stop revolving or something. Whatever! I think she needs to go back to Europe!


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