Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday and stuff...

Well, all's quiet on the Kecky front. I've had Dad this weekend. Nothing exciting there...although, it's only Sunday. Pal-Crin is coming over in a little while and we're going to make compound butter. I think she wants to do a garlic one.

We had the electric SmartMeter installed yesterday. I've gone online to see how much electricity we've used since yesterday, but come to find out, I can't do that until the whole area here is SmartMeter'd. Whatever.

I heard from Irish-Poppy yesterday. They are back at Cousin-Autumn's in Chilton (outside London?). She said she's had a great time, but is ready to come home cause she misses me! She said when she gets home, she wants to cozy up to the farpit with me wearing her new wooly jumper. I'm hoping that's a sweater and not a hyper lamb she's bringing home.

Gosh I feel boring...

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