Monday, July 25, 2011

Pile on Poppy!

It only took about a week for Travlin-Poppy to get back in the swing and now all is right with the Kecky's world!

Yesterday while I was waiting for Dad to be dropped off, I noticed that my rosemary bush was looking a little dead so I decided to give it a haircut. Oops...went a little too far. I'm sure it'll grow back.

We had a good day with Dad that ended with this...

That's right BBQ'd chicken, roasted root veggies and corn on the cobby. We actually did the veggies two ways; roasted and steamed in a foil packet. For both, they were coated with melted herb butter, some salt and pepper. We liked the roasted veggies better than the steamed. Also, I made the BBQ sauce from scratch. I'm not going to bother with giving you the recipe cause it was okay, but not great. My-Worst-Food-Critic-Poppy said it's good on the chicken, but not good as a dipping BBQ sauce. She suggests I turn it into soup. Sounds like a plan to me!

Gopher Update #1: He's not shown his rodent little beady-eyed face since I went after him on Saturday. I'm still fixing all the sinkholes from his endless amounts of tunnels. How far can a gopher travel? There's only one other house on the block that has any kind of garden. Wonder if he'll go pay a visit over there...

Bye bye.

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