Thursday, July 22, 2010

Wednesday's Dinner

Was Uber NOM! I always forget to take the picture right before presentation so I end up with the half-eaten meal. Anyhoo, we had some organic Heirloom tomatoes. Poppy went to the store and picked up some moozarella and basil. I assembled it, topped it with a little Kecky's Herb Salt, balsamic and olive oil. So very tasty. We also had some really sweet corn on the cob. Mmmm!

So the service guy from Sears showed up to fix our Wedgewood stove from the 1930's. He'd never seen one before. He wouldn't even touch it cause he couldn't find the serial number. Back to square one. I've called the home warranty people and as soon as the Sears-guy files his report, they'll send us someone else out who is familiar with the Wedgewood. I know someday it'll be really cool to cook in my old-new oven!

I will leave you with this pic of two little girls playing with a giant pizza Frisbee outside my window. Hysterical!

Later, gators!

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