Sunday, July 25, 2010

Saturday's Dinner

A very fun day of cooking with Seester Kathy! We hit the farmer's market at Serramonte. They've got some really good stuff with a emphasis on Asian veggies. Kept seeing folks with big green bush things. I asked what they were and was told okra leaves. The guy said he uses them in soup. Then we went to Foodtown! I love, love, love this store. The butcher was so helpful. I was going to make beef stroganoff so he recommended Flat Iron or Tri-Tip. I got a pound of each. He insisted on cutting it into strips for me. Any other butcher I go to you have to ask. I also asked if he had beef bones. He sure did. They carry them in the store's freezer. I got 4.5lbs for $14.

So, got back to Seester Kathy's and opened up the Cava and started to cook. Started with the beef stock. Roasted those bones and then put them to boil with all the other goodies for about 3 hours. Should have gone longer, but I ran out of time. I took about a cup of that and then reduced it by half to add to the stroganoff. I think I was a little disappointed with the stroganoff. It seemed a little too viscous.

I also made the Broccoli Chicken Cheese casserole. That was really NOM, even if it was laden with chemicals from the Campbell's soup. I had it this morning as a burrito. Really NOM!

Is it time for another segment of A Day In The Life Of Dad? Sister Missy picked up Dad on Friday afternoon and took him up to Minden to do a garage sale. I haven't called to see how it went cause I'm to freakin tired. I hope it went well.

Why am I tired you ask? I've had a very productive Sunday:

Put a doggie door in;
Cut a hole in the door that goes to the backyard (no doggie door required);
Beat the crap out of the living room run, then vacuumed it;
Made the spare room bed in anticipation of MomJean's arrival from her and Poppy's road-trip on Friday, I think;
Cleaned the bathroom;
Vacuumed the whole house;
Mopped all the floors;
Tried to teach Jax how to use the doggie door (she's so freakin sensitive); cheese finally did the trick, but I don't think she's there yet;
Relit the pilot light on the stove and now seeing how accurate the thermostat is; and
Made a banana bread in the convection oven (Friend Lauri wanted me to try baking in the convection oven. The recipe called for an hour but the bread was done in less than 45 minutes).

Time for a freakin cocktail!

Bye bye!

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