Friday, July 2, 2010

Thursday's Dinner

Once again, it's all about the Pig...and a little bit of fish. Poppy and I got to talking about the time she wrapped a trout in sage and bacon. I had some bacon and some frozen fish fillets and a whole tub of sage that I'm growing so we decided to wrap the fillets with the sage and bacon. NOM-Fest!!!

Here they are cooking:

Now the reason I have bacon is that tonight is another Bourbon-n-Bacon happy hour at Koko's. You might recall we attended this happy hour last month. You might also recall they were a little stingy with the bacon so this time we're BYOB(acon). I made two and a half pounds of bacon last night. The soon-to-be former Kasa Kecky wreaks. I went to dry myself off from my shower this morning; the towel smells like fried bacon. Just the thought of bacon is kinda making me a little nauseous...

Hey, how about another extremely exciting episode of KEEPING UP WITH THE KECKY'S?? I heard from Kevin, owner of Corrib Moving. In case you're wondering, Corrib Moving is an Irish family-owned and operated company. They chose their name after "The Corrib," the fastest moving river in Ireland, which parallels their swift and flowing service. I got that paragraph from their website.

Anyhow, Kevin sent us an estimate for a Turn-Key move, meaning we don't do anything and they'll come in like a fast moving river, pack us up then come back the next day and move us. Now, for those of you who have had the pleasure of visiting the soon-to-be former Kasa Kecky know our place is what I like to call "museum quality"; that's my nice way of saying our house is chalked full of junk. Most people call it "busy". You can imagine this Turn-Key move ain't gonna be cheap and it's not. Kev quoted us $3,600-$3,800.

I consider this Turn-Key move quite a luxury...but then I also think, last month, Seester Kathy and I moved Dad twice, once with a uhaul and once with my truck; the thought of having to pack, rent a uhaul for the small stuff and move it just makes me want to cry. So maybe not a luxury after all.

So this morning I had Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer out for her morning walk around the Native Plant Nursery. I went to look at the raised bed garden, slipped and fell on my Fatass while still holding my cup-o-joe.

I tried to wash it off. In addition to still smelling bacon, now I smell coffee. All I need is some eggs and toast to round off a complete breakfast!


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