Friday, July 16, 2010

Thursday's Dinner

We're still in unpacking mode and the oven of my stove doesn't work. A few days back, I made some refried beans so with those, I melted some cheddar cheese in them and at the end added a little sour cream and called it bean dip. Had that with some tortilla chips and left over pickled jalapenos and onions from the Mexican restaurant that Seester Kathy, et al. brought us last Sunday. Darn NOM!

So Poppy has this plant that she's been carrying around with her since the Depression. She said she hardly ever watered it and it just thrives. Well, I've been watering it once a week for the last 7 years and it definitely is thriving. I call it Poppy's Sampson plant because if it withers so will my Poppy. So anyhow, after we moved in, she had set it on my antique telephone table. I didn't like it there so I put it out on the deck. It's been there for a few days. Poppy noticed it yesterday and it didn't look good at all. She said it was sunburned or like a vampire who'd been exposed to the light. Like I'll ever hear the end of this one... I had her put it in the bathtub for a shower and now we're on a 24/7 death watch. Freakin thing better live or I'm toast!

Today, we're going to put the spare room together since Poppy's mom, Mom/Jean will be here in a couple of weeks. She's very excited to put her shoes in my Shoes Glorious Shoes closet!

Later on today we'll head over to the Parkside Tavern for happy hour...$1 oysters from 4-6 and then to the Korean BBQ for soup. NOM!!

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