Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunday's Dinner

I made Carnitas. The trick to making them was our new-old Wedgewood oven doesn't seem to work, but we also have a new-used built-in convection oven/microwave. I looked up the user's manual online so I could figure out how to use it. It didn't do too bad a job. Timing is weird. Taste was good, but kind of tough. The tacos were made the Double-Decker way, ala Taco Bell, only way better and better for you. Corn tortilla with my homemade refried beans spread on the tortilla, then a crunchy taco gets nestled in the beanie corn tortilla, then you fill the crunchy taco shell w/meat, cheese, sour cream and Kecky's almost world famous Pico de Guillo. NOM-NOM!

So, the oven guy is coming on Wednesday. I'm a little frightened cause we're having it fixed by filing a claim with the home warranty company. They're sending a guy out from Sears to fix the Wedgewood from the 1930's. Hope he doesn't blow us up.

Poppy also approved us hiring a cleaning service to clean the former Kasa Kecky. I'm way excited about that. Who wants to spend a day cleaning? Not me, oh boy!

Today was my first day back to work, which was like a vacation compared to unpacking and moving really heavy furniture. Of course, my project from H.E. Double Hockey Sticks was waiting for me when I got in. I think I have to log something like 10,000 emails on an Excel spreadsheet by Thursday. Yeah, and then the court woke up! I hope you'll all consider visiting me at Club Fed!

Just thought I'd leave you to gaze upon my Shoes Glorious Shoes closet!


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