Sunday, June 17, 2012


Taco Night is a very special meal at Kasa Kecky.  If it were up to Taco-Pop-O, we'd have Taco Night every night.  We had it last weekend when Dad was here and then last night had friends over for another Taco Night.  Thing is, when it's Taco Night, there is usually enough leftovers for three more Taco Nights.

I think the secret (not anymore) to a good Taco Night is to get yourself a Cross-Rib Roast (the kind with the hairnet on it) and grind the meat yourself. That way, you know that those tacos came from one cow and not 20...this lessens your chance of contracting Mad Cow Disease.  If you do it this way, make sure that hunk-o-meat has about 20% fat on it.  If not, ask the nice Butcher Person to give you some beef fat and grind it into the meat.  Speaking of the Butcher Person, if you don't have a grinder, ask them to grind it for you.

I buy crunchy taco shells, two small cans of diced green chilies, salsa, sharp cheddar (grate it yourself), sour cream, iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, cilantro, lime...I think that's it.

I start off making Pico de Gallo...chop up some tomatoes and some onions.  The tomato ratio should be a little more than the onion...just a little.  Then add a good bit of roughly chopped cilantro.  Again, you want to see green, but go easy.  Then, I squeeze some lime, add some garlic salt, onion powder, pepper and stir it all up. Adjust the seasoning to your liking.  Now I take a Serrano chili, I cut it in half lengthwise and then deseed one half of it.  Chop it very finely and start adding it in to the mix.  Keep stirring and tasting until it's at the heat you want.

Guac-Pop will also make some guacamole.  She uses some of the Pico de Gallo for that but the rest is a secret...okay, it's not a secret, I just don't pay that much attention to what she puts in it cause I don't eat it all that much.

So the meat gets cooked with the diced green chilies, some salsa and Kecky's Southwest Seasoning.

I also doctor up my sour cream with either some mild chili or most recently Cholula Chipotle Sauce.

Grate your cheese and chop your lettuce; heat up the shells and call it a Taco Night.

I've probably mentioned in a past blog that I like mine double-decker style.  So, I take a soft corn tortilla and char it on the stovetop, spread some refried beans on it and cradle the crunchy taco inside of it and then fill the taco.  NOM!

The whole point of this writing is to show you the morning after Taco Night:

Have a NOM Sunday!

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