Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's a Dad weekend...

Let's start a new series called "The Dad Chronicles".

Started off last night with cocktails and dinner at Ristorante Marchello's.  Old school Italian.  This is the second time that Eggplant-Parmesan-Poppy and I have been there. Dad loved the bar.  Score!  He was disappointed he couldn't get a hamburger though.  Hope you're sitting down...we talked him into having spaghetti bolognese...HE LOVED IT!  And he loved the restaurant!  He didn't love it when the old school Italian waiter kept offering him parmigiana (aka that shit).  I had too "Shoosh" him once because "NOBODY SPEAKS ENGLISH!".

After dinner, back to the house for a movie.  I had picked out Racing With The Moon (Elizabeth McGovern, Nicholas Cage, Sean Penn) figuring it was his speed and genre...HATED IT!  He went to bed about 15 minutes into the movie.

Win some, lose some.

Today I took the little dog to the vet for her check-up.  Someone wasn't enjoying it...

It started off bad.  When I brought her into the place there was a Harlequin Grate Dane, Maximous, that took up pretty much the whole place. There was also Mason-The-Barking-Chihuahua and his family who were all out of control. Jax all but tried to get inside my shirt.  Poor baby was shaking like a leaf. But, she's very healthy and the doc said she's got beautiful teeth!

She happy to be home and sleeping it off.

So now it's Sunday. I'm sitting here in the living room minding my own business. Got the backdoor open cause it's so nice...but then I heard the monkeys from the zoo howling.  Probably those baboons with the ugly butts. Probably throwing poop at each other too.  Poppy said it sounds like they're getting closer.  Seems like every time we hear the howling, we hear sirens.  I feel like I'm in the last sequel of Planet of the Apes!

This may be my last communication. I've had a wonderful life and I love you all...

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