Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Are you over my moving posts yet? I'm not...

I thought today I'd put a face to all the players.

This is Julie (the one who appears to be pulling her hair out); Julie is the head moving consultant.  She's really nice and ever patient.  Next to her is Tyler.  Tyler is the one fitting all our files and bookshelves in a space that is too small for them to fit.  She is a miracle worker.  The gentleman is Herb, he's the head mover.  He likes to talk, a lot.  Did I say he likes to talk a lot?  He does.

Here's Mollie (the one on the phone).  She's overseeing this whole thing from the carpet to the doorknobs and everything in between.   She took us to the new space yesterday.  This is going to look very good on her resume!  The new space is beautiful!  The gal sitting is Sarah.  I'm not sure what she does, but it must be important.  I can tell you she doesn't do her payroll on time.

Next up, Seester!  Seester is Mollie's right hand and also in charge of getting our entire Planning Department all packed up...even though she's not their Move Coordinator.  She's been working day and night.  Dad said he never sees her anymore.

This is me.  I guess everyone is tired of hearing me whine.  I'm pretty sure I'll be shrink-wrapped and put in the moving truck.

Hey, wait!  Nobody puts Baby in the corner!!

And finally, here's the new/old building.  Can't wait to get there...

That's all for now.

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