Sunday, January 29, 2012

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow...

We were surprised to find lots of snow up here. Started seeing it about about 5,000 feet. But really, who cares about that...It's all about the food. Here's yesterday's breakfast:

Yep, that's Becky-Bacon and Amy-Mae's buttermilk biscuits and RayRay-Mae's hollindaise sauce! JJ-Mae also made her famous steel cut oatmeal. That was our first course.

After breakfast, we decided we needed to go for a hike or we'd all have to go take a nap. So, first we checked in at our headquarters, the Donner Museum. We had the Maes watch the Donner Party movie that was made in the 60's. It was like one of those movies you'd see in school when you had a substitute teacher for the day. After that, we headed off for our hike.

Fortunately, the weather cooperated with us and we all made it safely back to the wagons.

Time for a cocktail!

We went into Truckee to Bar America. For some unknown reason, Winkie-Mae pulled this out of her jacket pocket and maliciously flaunted it right in my face...

WTF?? Winkie-Mae is not my friend! Evidently, she carries this freaky-minkey as a lucky snow boarding charm. Whatever!

Then, while the Maes were playing "Extreme Charades" (Yes, there was dissension in the ranks and we were ready to eat our own) I found this in a copy of Real Simple magazine:

This is someones idea of art...are you kidding me?! I had nightmares all night.

Today, the Maes are going back out for some kind of snow activity. I will stay back at the cabin where I'll be on pork duty. He's in the oven and just finished one of his six hours.

I think it's time for a mimosa...

More later.

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