Thursday, April 17, 2014

Okay, so what's for dinner?

I've been in a cooking slump these past few days.

We had our friends over for a BBQ on Saturday and PK-Cooker-Poppy tried out the old/new cooker.  Didn't go as planned but that's a whole other story.  As with most BBQ's, we had leftovers. I made Texas-Poppy's favorite Texas Potato Salad...she wanted extra so consequently, we never want to eat another helping of potato salad ever again, ever!

I had some hard boiled eggs leftover from that so I decided last night I'd make some quick and dirty deviled eggs. Hey, do you say "hard cooked or hard boiled"?  Figure that's kind of like "pop" and "soda".  Anyway, today, I very carefully brought them to work.  Very carefully...

Uh oh...

Yeah, deviled egg carnage!

Time to talk about IT...again.  I'm still searching for IT.  Advencha-Poppy bought us a Groupon for kayaking.  We've been kayaking before.  It's fun, but I'm not sure it's my IT.  It's sooo labor intensive.  Gotta drive there.  Gotta put on a wetsuit and given that I am not a sin fwench woman yet, trying to get in that wetsuit is like trying to stuff too much sausage meat in a too small casing.  Oh, and the fact that a shark may mistake me for a well fed seal makes me a little nervous too. Good thing Preparedness-Poppy and I have applied for long term care insurance!  Although, my application hasn't finished the underwriting process.

About that...after I applied on my Internets for the policy, they called me for a phone interview.  That was basically to go over all the questions I'd answered on the application to test my truthiness.  Anyway, before she starts asking me all this stuff, she tells me I can't use a pen or pencil during the interview.  Huh? I ask why, but she doesn't really know.  So after she finishes up, she tells me to grab a pen and write down a confirmation number.  GOD-DUH!

Okay, back to IT.  So, here's some thoughts on IT:

I don't want to have to drive anywhere to do IT, unless I want too;
I don't want to have to wear a wetsuit, harness or anything that can be nicknamed a contraption to do IT;
I'm so okay if I have to buy new shoes to do IT; and
It would be great if IT involved the little dog.

All this points to IT as either running or walking (aka, shuffling).  Walking is so doable.  Shuffling?  Well, I'm still seeing Anita-The-Acupuncturist and she's working miracles, but it may take more than a miracle to fix my knee.  So, if all points of IT lead to walking or shuffling, where will I find time to do IT?

And here is my Oprah-ahh-ha! moment...

Wait for it...

Wait for it...

IT all comes down to discipline and there you have it folks...IT is actually DISCIPLINE!


For those of you with DISCIPLINE, where to you find it and can you help me find it?  Don't bother, I know the answer.

Moving on...I took the little dog to the beach after work last night.  Look at that happy little dog, she just loves her some beach!


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