Tuesday, May 28, 2013

It's all about the ride...

Ever since Peddle-Poppy and I moved to the Outerlands, we've not been faithful about riding our bikes to work.  In fact, a friend adopted my Slugorelli since she wasn't being used and friend's bike had been stolen. So, now Valentine Cortese (the bike formerly known as Slugorelli) is being ridden everyday. Valentine was always too much bike for me anyhow!

Then we had a scathingly brilliant idea!  I say "we" even though Poppy thinks it was "her" idea.  It was really "my" idea but Poppy doesn't remember the conversation I had with "her" about "our" now scathingly brilliant idea...

Meet Turbo-Willy:

Yep, this is formerly Regular-Willy who now has a BionX electric assisted motor.  All the exercise in half the time!  So, instead of taking an hour for us to ride to work, now it takes 30 minutes with the help of the BionX.  The motor runs on a rechargeable battery.  The charge will last for about 35 miles.  Turbo-Willy's top speed is 20mph (some silly law that it can't go faster).

Here's the thing, Regular-Willy probably weighed about 25lbs and with this system it bumps the weight up at least 10 more pounds.  When I rode TW home from the bike shop I went up Arguello.  Figuring I'd have some trouble, I put the motor on full assist and made it up that stupid hill with no problem!

Given we now have the new and improved Turbo-Willy, I figured it was time to accessorize with new helmet:

Here kitty kitty!

Not only that, but my helmet came with bling!

It says "I love my brain".  Awesome!

Fashioneesta-Poppy bought a new helmet too, but it's just plain old white.  Borrrriiiinnnngggg.

That's it for today.

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