Monday, May 20, 2013

I'm afraid...

I still have nothing new and exciting to talk about...but in the next week or so, I should.

Hmmm, so I went to the kitchen at work, well, they call it a pantry, but whatever. There is a bigger kitchen on our basement level.  It's got a dishwasher.  Today someone put regular dish washing liquid in the dishwasher cause we're out of Cascade.  GOD-DUH!

Anyway, back to my pantry story...I go in there hoping to find some yummy food that I forgot I had in the fridge, but no.  I did find my half-n-half that was about to spoil.  So I go to dump it in the sink and wash it the bottle when I see this:

Yeah, besides somebodies icky food, there is also a toothpick that's about to get stuck in the disposal.  I bet you're wondering what entitled-self-absorbed-invasive-old-spearmint-gum-smelling-flatulent-jerk did that, aren't you?  GOD-DUH!!! Yeah, and who had to remove that jerk's toothpick from the sink?  Me! Whatever, freakin pig!

Enough said.

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