Tuesday, May 14, 2013

I'm in a bad mood...

I don't know why, either.  I think I'm having a midlife.  Nothing fun is going on and I'm tired of working.  Don't get me wrong, I'm grateful I have a job, a home, my Poppy, my family and friends.  Say, maybe I need a red sports car and a new hairdoo!  Whatever.

Anyway, we had our friends R/J-C and K/T (minus the T) for dinner on Saturday.  On Le Menu: carnitas.  Two days before the dinner, I grabbed a hunk of pork out of the deep freeze.  I cooked that piece of pork for over 5 hours.  I was expecting the meat to fall right off the bone, but it was like a piece of leather.  Come to find out from Porcine-Poppy, I'd used the wrong cut of meat.  So, in my mind, I ruined dinner.  I think that's part of my mood...I don't do failure very well.

In an effort to avert such a mistake again, I bought:

Knowledge is power!

K brought Ellie-The-Rottweiler over too...I think Jax had an Ellie hangover on Sunday:

She didn't go far from the couch and neither did I.

Open wide and say AWWWW:

Those are lamb tongues.  So very good!


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