Thursday, May 9, 2013

I want a sandwich...

A Jax-Sandwich!

Today is Bike to Work Day. I hadn't planned on doing it cause I have plans after work and it would create a logistical nightmare, but then our transportation guy, Mark H. caught me last night before I left work and guilted me into riding.  He said he didn't care if I rode home or not, just as long as I rode to work.  Since my plans were with FFM-Laurie (birthday celebration) and Seester, I could just catch a ride down to our destination in Pacifica and Hot-Pocket-Poppy could join us after work and then bring me home.  Cool...only when I got to work, the girls decided they wanted to reschedule tonight.  Guess, I'll be riding home after all.  Wish I had some walking shoes, cause I'd rather walk home.
Anyway, I have to say in all my years of riding my bike to work, today was by far the most dangerous ride.  It's like folks were out to get much so, that I was starting my decent down Arguello and motioned that I was going to take the lane but the lady that I motioned at didn't much like that idea and tried to pass me, only she passed so close I was actually trying to push her maroon Honda CRV off of me... GOD-DUH!!! So she ends up in the oncoming traffic lane and I'm yelling and flipping her off like a crazy lady.  Given I was wearing my Strawberry Shortcake helmet, I don't think she was really taking me seriously.  I tried to follow her, but she got away from me.  Whatever!!
So, remember how I don't like to eat messy food?  I have gotten better about it, but I still hold true to my two finger method of eating finger food cause I hates me some sticky-greezy fingers...

Well one of my dear friends and blog stalker, Jeanne, saw this item on Groupon and bought it for me for my birthday...
Look at the amazing gripability!

How cool and they came in like a pack of 30 so I can share with all my friends, if I wanted!

Okay, so you know how my co-worker, Sir Fartsalot, pretty much annihilates our work space on a daily basis with his many stenches?  Well, now I have other co-workers (who I like) coming to my area to eat their hard-boiled eggs.  I figure, why shouldn't folks come and eat stinky food here since it might even improve the smell of our area? Brilliant!  Besides, I'd much rather smell someone I likes stink, than someone I don't. 

Remember how I want to be a superhero??  Check this out:

Nephew IS a superhero!!


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