Friday, August 31, 2012

Patience is not my virtue...

I've had my cast on for almost two weeks.  I'm supposed to get it off on Tuesday.  Thing is, I'm working on a heavy deadline at work that requires that I use my right hand.  This cast is slowing me down!  Plus, we've got our annual Never-On-Cinco-De-Mayo-Cinco-De-Mayo party too.  Sure would be nice to have that hand for party prep.  Hey look!

Mmm hmmm, I called Kaiser and said I wanted it off.  Besides, it was just a little sprain and slightly broken wee little bone.  I went in yesterday afternoon and they guy took it off.  Then they gave me a form and I was to go to xray. I figured that was silly, so instead of going to xray, I came back to work.  I emailed my doctor and told him something suddenly came up between the time the cast came off and the xray.

Remember all those things that I couldn't do that were frustrating?  I can do them now!  I can write my name and everything.

Opposable thumbs are so underrated!

Be safe and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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