Thursday, August 23, 2012

Cast, Day 3...

Turns out being in a cast is a pain in Fatass' ass!  Here are the things I find most difficult:

Showering. This morning, I couldn't face putting those plastic bags on my arm and cutting off my circulation with rubberbands, so I took a "Navy" shower.

Doing my hair. I'm hair-impaired to begin with so this is not helping.

Tieing all my glorious shoes.  Poppy had to re-tie my shoes yesterday. I hate asking for help.

Driving. If you see me on the road, go the other way.

Typing. This is huge...It's how I make my living.  I'm getting pretty good using the mouse with my left hand.

Going pee-pee. No need to elaborate there.

Cutting meat.  Poppy had to do that for me last night.

Every part of cooking.  I can't hold my knife. I love my knife.  I should have had the guy cast me holding my knife.

Petting Jax. I've clobbered her twice now...all I wanted to do was pet her little head.

Putting my hand in  my pocket.  Didn't realize how much I did that.

The list could go on, but I'm getting bored and typing is frustrating.

Why do you suppose when the guy was putting the cast on he said "Shape your hand like you are holding a can of beer."  It's like he was psychic and knew what I'd been doing all weekend!

So, I've got a little ink on the cast now:

Unfortunately, they don't make casts with Plaster of Paris anymore and it's hard to write on it.

Say, what is the origin of Plaster of Paris? Let's consult the Internets!

"It was used since ancient times, plaster of paris is so called because gypsum(mineral) was early used near Paris to make plaster and cement."

That's all I got.

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