Wednesday, August 15, 2012

It's another Donner Party Weekend...

That's right, at 2:00 today, half of the Donner-Maes will be on the road to Lake Shasta for a house boating weekend!  According to the Internets weather, it's going to be 103 searing hot degrees there.  So, if I don't die of starvation or a Natalie Wood incident, I'm sure heat exhaustion will get me.

See that orange cooler?

Yeah, like the ones you see all the PG&E workers standing around talking and not working...This is going to hold Poppy's ToKillKelly Margarita Mix.  I'm ascared!

Thing is, as we talked about this trip, and how everyone needed a case of beer each for the 5 days we'll be on the lake, talk then turned to hangover cures.  Everyone has one of their own.  I think it's a sign of age when you start talking about the hangover cure before you even talk about the boozie.

Actually, I'm more afraid of getting some kind of flesh eating bacteria.  I wonder what the ratio of urine to water is in the lake, especially if the lake levels are low?

While Fatass has lost a few pounds, it's not enough to notice.  She'll be hanging out with the young svelte ladies all weekend seething with jealousy and she tries to daintily dive off the boat wearing her board shorts, sports bra and a big t-shirt.  You know all the other girls will be in skimpy little bikini's talking about how fat they look.  Whatever!  Oh, we'll have a ski-boat too.  Picture Fatass water skiing.  The vision comes to mind of the Coca-Cola commercial with the Lilly-white pleasantly-plump polar bear on skis.   Hmmm, maybe Fatass should stay inside the boat.  It has air-conditioning and a big screen t.v.  Oh, and all the boozie.

Don't make me go!

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