Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's all about the pig...

and the beef.  Okay, so Depression-Era-Poppy and I have been talking over the years about getting some...okay, a lot of local grass fed beef.  First, we needed to get a deep freeze.  Did that about a month ago.  Techno-Poppy consulted the Internets about finding us some beef.  While she was at it she found us some pig too.  So, we are splitting a side of beef with Amy-Mae and her hubby and we bought a quarter pig for us.

So, Logistics-Poppy planned the pick-up of said meats to coincide with Trione's wine makers dinner this weekend.  As it happens, they were serving a domestic piggy and a wild boar.  More on that later...

since we had to pick up our meats on Saturday at two different places in Rohnert Park and we were staying overnight in Geyserville, we also needed to get some dry ice.  I had no idea dry ice was so expensive...but sure kept it all frozen.

prior to leaving we borrowed as many coolers as we could fit in the truck; two big chest coolers and three regular coolers...yep, Spacial-Poppy got it all to fit!  Yay for Poppy.

We're so excited cause for all that happy meat it worked out to about $5.00 per pound. Then when we got home, we joined a CSA so if I play my cards right, I may not have to go to the store for a year!

Okay, once we got all our meats, it was time to go check in at our Air B&B. Jessie at Trione hooked us up with this couple that rents out their spare room right in town.  It was fantastic.  Deborah and Tony were our hosts and did they put on a breakfast spread...complete with their own chicken's eggs.  Little slice of heaven!  Only downside was when we came back from the dinner, we were locked out of the house.  The rule was the door was to be left unlocked for us, but their boarder accidentally locked it.  We were finally let in after some persistent doorbell ringing.

The dinner was fabulous.  Different wines paired with each course.  NOMMY!!

We didn't want to come home!

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