Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Don't you just love weekends?

I do.  You know why?  Cause I'm not here at work.  Not that I don't love my job or just about everyone I work with...well, with the exception of that one invasive person.  I've not talked about The-Invasive-One lately because I'm trying to be a positive person.  But honestly, his very being is abusive and obtrusive to everyone around him.

He has a stand-up desk now and has taken to standing and then putting his big foot up on the lower part of the desk.  Picture Capt. Morgan...

Now, here's some of the differences between Capt. Morgan and He-Who-Is-Invasive:

Mr. I isn't this young or good looking.
Capt. M doesn't smack continuously, as far as I know; he just drinks a lot.
Mr. I can't seem to keep all the food in his mouth...

I think today is shredded wheat day, by the way.

Okay, but the biggest advantage to Mr. I being able to throw a leg up on the desk is that all those farts come out more frequently and with minimal effort given that he's not sitting on his fart blow hole.


And now for something completely different...

Pretty.  I was in Tahoe over the weekend.

Hey, we're buying more happy cow so we need to eat up the stuff we have in the deep freeze:

Yeah, that's liver and onions.  Now, you're supposed to coat the liver with flour, but we don't do the white food.  I'd bought some coconut flour so I used that.  I have to say, it's not bad!


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