Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend? What weekend?

Travlin-Poppy and I spent most of the weekend getting ready for our trip to Texas this coming Saturday. Also had Dad this weekend too.

We did go look at a couch at Macy's in San Leandro:

Why would we go all the way to San Leandro to look at a couch? Because that's the only "Lucas" couch in the Bay Area that is on display. We like it and would save about $1,000 given the sale, but Discriminating-Poppy isn't sure she likes the type of leather. It's called Bi-Cast leather. Don't ask me.

P.S. Measure twice, cut once or in this case, make sure it fits before you buy. Lucky for us, Poppy is so spacial!

Here's Data-Gathering-Poppy and Jax doing research on Bi-Cast Leather. Jax likes to help move the mouse around. She's a very smart dog. It may look like she's sleeping, but she's just concentrating!

Speaking of Jax-The-Cheese-Connesewer, she's got a playdate with Winnie tonight. FMM-Laurie is taking care of Winnie.

Wonder if she has super hearing?

Last night, Fresh-of-Breath-Air-Poppy was out on the deck and spotted something above the kitchen window:

That would be raccoon prints. It would appear the little bastard is trying to break in. I wonder if they make a Raccooninator?


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