Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday...

What a fun and relaxing weekend this has been...okay, I cooked all day yesterday, but well worth the effort. We had friends for dinner and a movie (Carrie/Susan, Kris/Janny). The theme of the evening was chili. We'd originally planned this for Halloween weekend, but that didn't workout. The movie we watched was Young Frankenstein.

The highlight of the evening was Susan's contribution:

Who do you know has a brain jell-o mold laying around? Freakin hilarious. It's peach Jell-o and condensed milk. Strangely good. I guess she also has an anatomically correct heart jell-o mold too.

Let's start with the appetizers. Guac-This-Way-Poppy made her famous Guacamole and even more famous To-Kill-Kelly-Margaritas. We had tamale bites with chili sour cream.

Here's Hooters-Poppy sampling her marg:

Chili sour cream prep:

I made Kecky's Rootin Tootin Award Winning Chili, cheddar-chili cornbread muffins and Porcine-Poppy's bacon dipped in chili chocolate. Susan also made "death by chocolate" cookies.

It takes a lot of onions to make chili. These are my onion goggles. Yep, they really work!

Here's the bacon prep:

Finished product:

Here's Fatass probably talking about food...

So what to do with all that leftover chili...Make chili eggs!

Time to go outside and play!

Happy Sunday!

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