Thursday, November 3, 2011


Cousins Rob/Jenny brought us some Meyers sausage from Elgin, TX. They were NOM!!

Pan-Fry-Poppy cooked them up. I sauteed a little bacon in a pot, then added chicken broth, greens and some mustard. I also sauteed red-n-green bell pepper with some onion, salt, pepper and at the end poured in a little Fino Sherry.

Again, NOM!

I think you all know my disdain for the Minkey. I don't know why; I'll never know why; I just don't like them! It's not like a clown thing where I'm afraid of them, I just think they're gross. I mean, they throw their pooh and stuff.

It would seem everywhere I go, there's some sort of Minkey. Today was no different. I was walking back to the office after doing the mail (ARGH!) and I see a little tan heap of something laying on the I get closer I'm starting to figure out what I'm seeing...

I'm pretty sure the Minkey is stalking me!


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