Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Schweinehaxe, the other white meat...

When Adventure-Poppy and I went to Germany some years back, one of the things she had to have was Schweinehaxe (pork hock). We found it early into the trip. Porcine-Poppy was pleased. She has said many times since that trip that she really wants to have it again. I found a recipe so it was time to do it. I always thought pork hocks were the little guys that my Mom would make ham hocks and beans with.

Alrighty then, so the other day Poppy and I took the little dog and walked to Sunset Market to get fixings for the Schweinehaxe and some pork belly so Smokin-Hot-Poppy could make some bacon. My recipe called for two meaty pork hocks. I figured we'd want leftovers so I wanted to get four. The little dog and I waited outside the store for Poppy to buy all the goods. She comes out of the store and says "I'm carrying about 50lbs of meat!" I reply "How much bacon are you making?" She said the hocks are huge. Go figure. So between the two of us, we had to carry all this meat home. Not an easy task and we were both sore the next day.

Okay, so for my recipe I needed a mirepoix of celery, leek, onion and carrot. That went into the dutch oven along with a bunch of pepper corns, a little salt and some cumin; then covered with water.

After about 3 hours of simmering, they were pulled from the dutch oven, the veggies were drained and then the hocks, veggies and a little cooking liquid were put into a baking dish:

Time to eat!


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