Wednesday, October 26, 2011

...and then you have to go to the doctors...

Well, Tumbalina's little knee injury wasn't getting better so I emailed my doc. She said it needed to be evaluated. The "good" news is Tumbalina already has osteoarthritis and a patella that rubs against the knee joint, so Tumbalina just aggravated it. The bad news: she had to get a cortisone shot. Not just a cortisone shot, but first the doc had to aspirate the fluid out of the knee. Yep, Tumbalina screamed like a little girl!

Guess I'll stick to pumping gas cause my career as a runner is officially over! Okay, it was over before, I just couldn't come to terms with it. Boo!

Poppy's cousin Rob and wife Jenny are here for a visit. Far-Pit-Poppy worked her magic last night. We had rotisserie chickens. Not just any chickens, either...Mary's Air Chilled, Organic, Free-Range, no hormones, no nothing! These once very happy chickens that gave their lives for us so we could make all kinds of NOM NOM noises last night. It's funny how chickens raised like that aren't like the mutants you can find at Safeway. These guys were just 3.5lbs each. So tasty too!

Tonight, dinnah at the Stinking Rose...


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