Monday, October 17, 2011

Plants Not Pavement!

After almost a year-long struggle with the dead tree in our front area, we got our new tree...

Her name is Windy and she's a Windmill Palm. When we arrived home on Friday night she was there all planted and everything. Shortly after that, our neighbors John and Stacy came to view her. They're going to get a few of them so we'll have matching trees on the block. Way cool.

We had Dad this weekend so I always like to make some good dinners for him. Porky-Poppy and I are perfecting our Keckyhaxe (pork hock) recipe. We had another winner. This time, instead of finishing it in the oven, Grill-Masta-Poppy put it on the grill.

I just never get tired of looking at pork art...or eating it!

Bye bye.

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