Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday's Dinner

DONNER PIZZA!!! So we have a group of gals who get together every few months. We call ourselves The Donner Party. The name came from our first expedition, which happen to be at Donner Lake. Members of the party are: Becky-Mae, Kelly-Mae, Jeanette-Mae, Renee-Mae, Allison-Mae, Amy-Mae, Amy-Mae, II, Jody-Mae and JJ-Mae. Last night we had an expedition prep pizza party. Jeanette-Mae and I made the dough, marinara sauce and a walnut pesto. We had basic fixings such as cheese, red onion, cage free eggs, olives, chorizo and sopressata. We asked the Mae's to bring a topping of their choice and something to wash it down with. All of the pizza's were NOM NOM NOM. This is just one of them that was assembled by Amy-Mae. Oh and Amy-Mae brought some out-of-this-world Apple Fritters for dessert! I should also add that Jax-The-Cheese-Conessuer (aka Hoover) had a field day!

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