Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Well, that was a fun weekend!

Went to see the BFF in Orangevale. We have such a good time.  She had tickets to the River Cats' game. Not just any tickets, but Legacy Club tickets so that meant we got to eat really good food and have excellent parking.  As luck would have it, since this is a Triple A Giants' affiliate team and Hunter Pence is rehabbing, he played.  I had no idea how tall he is!!

Talk about being up close and personal. I'm like a magnet for flying object to the head and we were directly in the line of fire! I screamed like a little girl...a lot.

Me and the bestie of 35 years!

I made open faced Fwench dip sandwiches.

Well, we really didn't dip and they weren't really fwench, but they were really good!  Why is it called a Fwench dip sandwich anyway? Well, I consulted with my Internets. It's Fwench because it's made with a baguette and the dip is Fwench cause it's au jus, which is Fwench for "with juice".  But here's the thing, the first sentence starts of with: "Fwench dip, an American cuisine".  I'm so confused.

Okay, let's get to the meat (or as we say in Fwance la viande) of this post.  If the baseball game wasn't highlight enough for the weekend, BFF and I got tattoos!

Here's the bestie's tat:

Cutest little guy ever...if you like the monkey, which I don't.

Okay, ready? Don't be frightened...there are reasons for why I do what I do...

Meet NegiMonster!

Here is my original drawing that Andrew-The-Tat-Artist used:

I know you want to know the significance of the Negi. One day I was in a really foul mood and decided to draw what I thought that looked like. I named it NegiMonster. Negi comes to visit me probably 20% of the time.  The significance of the green onion hair is that "negi" in Japanese means green onions (I'm pretty sure) and since Sushi-Poppy and I loves us some negihama rolls she thought it would be a great idea to make Negi's hair green onions instead. The circle/slash represents that I don't want to be Negi. So there, every time I look at Negi, I feel positive.  See, it's my own reverse psychology.

I guess that's all I got. Well...

Later gator!

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