Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Life's little observations...

Yesterday, I was riding to work and I see this gal carrying her yoga mat and rushing to her car. She tosses it in the backseat and quickly gets in the car.  Obviously, she's late for her yoga class. So, I wonder, since yoga is supposed to be a relaxing thing and stuff, why is this lady all frantic to get to the class so she can hurry up and relax?

The only time I ever...and I mean ever see a surfer running is so they can get in the water.

Why do folks on road bikes talk on the phone while riding?

While I was away from blogging, I took up what is now called "adult coloring". I had no idea that it was such a big deal. I read on my Internets that Amazon's top selling books are coloring books for adults.  Folks are even having coloring parties. I'm a trendsetter and I didn't even know it.

Here's my latest:

Not sure I'm liking the yellow. My Worst-Critic-Graphic-Designer-Poppy said I should use a color that won't take away from the actual picture. I don't think yellow was the right choice.  Whatever!

I figure I'd color while I was recuperating from the surgery, but I'm right-handed and I won't be able to color with my right hand. Figure I'll start coloring with my left. A little known fact, I was born ambidextrous and my parents had to pick a dominant hand so they picked the right. I might have made that all up, but I do have some memory of this. Hey, I'll teach myself to use my knives with my left hand too...when "Won't-Let-Me-Play-With-Knives-Poppy isn't around.

I was reading this article about the virtues of cooking in clay pots. http://craftsmanship.net/the-clay-mystique/ This article was given to me by my former bread making Sensei-John. He's helping Guru-Chad to design a clay pot for the home bread maker.  The point of this is this quote "Metal is an unusually intense conductor, which means that it absorbs heat’s energy fast, like a rambunctious teenager, and then releases it fast. Clay is the exact opposite. It’s an insulator, and insulators are like patient grandmothers. They gather the energy slowly – and release it just as slowly."  Where the heck did the author come up with that line? Me thinks Author-Todd is sexually frustrated!

Here are the girls...they're like a foot and a half from each other. We are making amazing progress.

Recall I hate the monkey, right?  Is this bad?

At least I'm creative...and I guess if there's a hell, I'm going there. Thing is, I keep this stuff in the top drawer of my desk. If I were to take the big sleep and one of my coworkers had to clean out my desk, I'm pretty sure they'd think I was a big fat weirdo. They'd think Poppy was even more of a big fat weirdo for being with me. I guess she could lie and say she had no idea I kept shit like this in my desk, right next to my DivaCup...but I know she'd be lying.

Chow, man!

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  1. Provocative, Mamasan! Brings to mind Piss Christ, but only different. Let the debate begin ...