Thursday, December 1, 2011

Lobsters and Red Hots...

I sure had some bizarre dreams last night...

My bed is on some kind of boat. There are big lobsters and they crawl up between the wall and the bed and get stuck. So I grabbed as many as I could. I think I caught about five of them and started boiling them. Friend, Jeanette came over and we were going to bring them to her house...and then...

I’m being escorted into this sort of plastic room with some seats in it. Kind of like a scene from the show Chuck’s Week Off where he’s at a habanera farm and it's a giant nursery. Anyway, I sit down and I’m going to meet this God like thing, but it’s not God, it’s just a really wise-creature-snake-looking-thing in a box. The only way you can talk to it is by eating Red Hots. So now it’s me, Poppy, Poppy’s Uncle Mike and Jeanette. Mike keeps eating all the Red Hots so now I’m throwing a fit cause we’ll have to get more.

The only way the wise-creature-snake-looking-thing can come out of the plastic room is if there are burning embers in the box…so now I’m walking around with the wise-creature-n-the-box trying to find Red Hots. I’m wondering if Good-n-Plenty will work. Now, I'm back in the group only to find that the advice the wise-creature-n-the-box gives is that the group will have to “let me go”; meaning vote me out cause I’m a bad influence on everyone. WTF?

Now, the wise-creature-n-the-box is a person. It’s a woman and she’s very nice (I get this sort of motherly feeling from her). All of a sudden, we’re in the middle of some police riot thing and they’re throwing poisonous smoke bombs. The Motherly-Wise-Woman and I are trying not to breathe and I’m wondering if she will die if she breaths in the smoke…after all, she’s wise that came from a box. So we finally get away, but then my nose starts bleeding and so does hers…a sure sign we’re going to die.

What does it all mean?

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