Monday, December 19, 2011

I ate the whole thing!

Remember that conversation about Flexible Benefits? I do. Anyway, I got that mouth guard and two temporary crowns put on. Last week, I was eating a salad and a piece of the the back crown broke off. I emailed Dr. Dreamy-Farmer's office and Denise thought it would be a good thing if I came in. That was Thursday.

When I got there, Dr. Dreamy-Farmer's assistant, Dennis, looked at the tooth and figured it could be patched, but once Dr. Dreamy looked at it, he thought we should replace the temporary crown. They were going to do this without numbing me up, but once they took the crown off, just the air was enough to send me through the roof. So, I got numbed up. No gas though. Boo!

I got my new temporary crown and was on my merry way.

Yesterday, I was eating some Kettle Chips (lightly salted); I know, they're not on our Primal diet, but Dad was there and we'd bought them for him. I couldn't resist. Those are some crunchy chips too! I guess they were probably crunchier than usual cause somehow I ate that new temporary crown!

I know, gross. It's the one in the very back. It would seem that Dr. Dreamy put some filling material in the hole. I'm happy about that, cause I'd be in an excruciating amount of pain if that wasn't the case. So, back to see Dr. Dreamy today!

Third time is a charm, right?

I made some really good stew last night too. I've got a recipe for Guinness Stew. I didn't have any Guinness so I used a bottle of Anchor Steam Porter. I started to document it but I only took one picture.

More illegal carbs! I have such a hard time thinking the potato is a white food. Oh well.


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