Monday, December 5, 2011

Did someone say feather boas?

Not me; no way!

I was walking down the stairs this morning at work I see our CFO struggling to get in the front door with his hands full of diet soda 12-packs (Diet Cherry DDP, Diet Coke and Diet DDP). I opened the door for him. Later, I ran into him in the kitchen. He said "Well, there's my little door opener!" I wasn't sure how to respond to that so I just did my nervous laugh. Then he said "Life is all about timing and you've got it, Kelly!"

Who knew?


  1. wait im seriously dying at this hahahahhahahahahahah.
    can we just picture BK dancing at this par-tay for a moment?
    also, why does a work party have a dance floor? isn't that awkward?

  2. No kidding...can't make this stuff up! No, it's not awkward, it's an opportunity to make fun of people behind their backs, silly! :) P.S. BK hasn't danced at a work party since I was, well, about 115lbs...that's a long time ago!