Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Hi Friends!

Let's talk about the bathroom at work...

See the deadbolt? It works much like the bathroom door on an airplane. You shut the door, flip the lock and the red "Occupied" sign shows on the outside of the door.  That's all well and good, unless you forget to flip the lock.

I've forgotten to flip the lock about 5 times since we moved into this building. The first time, one of my coworkers opened the door, I screamed and she said with a very sickened look on her face "Oh my God!" Awkward. The second time it happened, another coworker walked in on me. She was so nonplussed by it, I thought she was going to come in and wait until I was done.  Of course, I screamed like a little girl. I've had a few more occurrences where I just didn't realize that I forgot to flip the lock and it went unnoticed.  Today, as I was sitting there, I saw that I forgot to flip the lock and in a moment of panic, I jumped up, mid-stream, to lock the door.  I don't recommend this because it's as equally embarrassing. Jeans take a forever to dry!

I sent this to my BFF. I see this stuff on Facebook. I don't want you thinking I'm searching the Internets for this kind of crap to make me feel better when I'm all sad-sacky. I mean, really, how can he catch me wearing all those blankets? How can he hold me; he's dead. When I cry, I usually use my sleeve to wipe my tears or if I'm really sad, I let Jax lick them. I know, that seems odd, but it makes me feel better and she gets some electrolytes.  Oh, and I know for damn sure he didn't put me back together cause Dr. K did!

Anyway, I get a response from BFF that says:

When I puke...


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